woensdag 1 september 2010

The end of zionism = peace

War is wrong. War ruins lives and destroys countries. However the United States spend billions in military aid for israel. The palestinian and israeli people both suffer over what is nothing more than a territory dispute. The jews, who mostly came after the second world war where jewish persecution killed millions, came to israel as refugees. Only to find they're trapped in another conflict.

Palestinian land
Jewish land

 Partially due to the UN and US interference with the conflict land that was once palestinian is now taken.
There should be no blood spilled on holy land.
Innocent people should not be casualties of war.

1 opmerking:

  1. but israel is part of the western world because they have white skin! they are superior of course! instead of all those yucky brown savages that just happened to aid in the developement of some of our most fundemental concepts (i.e. our numeric system, our alphebet)! and anyway, if we didnt help them keep their zion those jews would come back to europe and America! (incase you havent realized yet I am being facetious)